Snap Story Flower market

Every city has its little secrets of origin that natives boast of. To uncover them, you must soak in the terrains of the city from dawn to dusk, and to dawn again. Our first phototale is the fragrant lensing of the Ahmedabad flower market. The wholesale market still follows the ancient bazaar routine where the distribution occurs daily, from wholesale to retail and the activities burst into life before day-break. The next set of images ought to speak for themselves. We would still like to mention a time-framing of two of the earliest hours of the day, 4AM – 6AM, for the shots. We are particularly proud of this piece as we have attempted a capturing of the hopes that the small cottage industries, like flowers, nurture and yet the despair they often face at the end of the day. We are willing to learn, both in terms of technicalities as well as content. That means your comments would be of utmost value to Bunk Time. Happy indulgence!

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