Out on my flip-flop (0/n)

by Ashish Agarwal

8:37 PM, 11th May 2017. I was at Bangalore airport with my backpack, 2 books and a one-way ticket to Delhi. My mind was blank. I had no plans or agenda for the trip. Only thing I knew was that it is beginning to an end and end of a beginning. This was the first time I was feeling the true meaning of Zen — The circle of life.

In no time I was at Delhi Airport. It was frustrating to have a blank mind in Bangalore and the same in Delhi. God!! I was missing the good old train travel, where I would have solved deep mysteries of the universe between Bangalore and Delhi.

On my first day, I slept for a year.
I had no clue that what is going to happen next.

That I will end up travelling 18 places.
That it will take 100 days to fill a blank mind.
That its easier to run from a problem than to solve it.
That humans are built to explore things they think they are not capable of.
That every problem comes with a set of solutions.
That future is not possible without past.
That nature and nurture are two different things.
That boundary is more socio-psychological than physical.
and that you can eat Wai-Wai for 20 days and still survive.

These 100 days were going to give me a wider perspective, clear vision and open mind on social and personal parameters.But right now, I had to sleep. I slept my ass off until my Hunger Hormones kicked my butt off. I woke up, ate my lunch and then slept for another 16 hours, just to wake up for my 1st journey to start.

My flip-flops were staring at me from the corner. Deep down, somewhere they knew that it was going to be a restless journey. They better take rest before the long night. Winter was about to come for them.


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