The Legend of haunted ghost town – Kuldhara

All of us love eerie ghost stories and they usually make up for exciting conversations while camping around a bonfire or in a dark hostel room with friends.

The existence of ghosts is a debatable topic. Many scientists and researchers, all across the world, have studied the phenomenon and tried to unravel the mystery behind strange and scary places.

One such haunted place is an abandoned village in Jaisalmer district called – Kuldhara. This village was inhabited by Paliwal Brahmins until the early 19th century.

Paliwal bhramins were a very prosperous clan and were known for their business acumen and agricultural knowledge. But one night in 1825 all the people in Kuldhara and nearby 83 villages vanished in dark. Why did the villagers decide to leave their settlement after having lived there for more than 7 centuries?

According to popular legend, the Paliwals were harassed by the local ‘Samant’ or the ruler and were paying huge amounts of money in the form of taxes to him. But one fine day, the ruler apparently set his eyes on one of the girls in the community, possibly the Chief’s daughter .The Paliwals were given no choice in the matter and they had just a day to accept his proposal. Overcome by remorse and in desperation, the entire community left their homes and hearths behind, cursing the king and escaped in the death of the night.

But this was not all. Before leaving, they put a curse on Kuldhara that no one will ever be able to settle in their village thereafter. To this date, the village remains barren; left almost the same as its inhabitants had left it centuries ago.


It is also said that people who have tried to stay there at night have been chased away by strange paranormal phenomenon.

The ruins of these villages can still be seen in western Rajasthan and are now tourist sites. The government today maintains the ruins as a heritage site. A walk through the village is akin to wandering onto the sets of a ghost movie.

Anyone who is planning a visit to Jaisalmer should keep aside a few hours to catch this haunted setting in the eerie desert backdrop and if you are up for an adventure, then spend a night in the ghost town maybe?


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