Kerela – Gods own Country!

Kerala lies in the south-west of India with all the beautiful elements of nature. Nestled between the pristine waters of the Arabian sea on the west and the lush Western Ghat mountains on the east, its intense network of rivers and lagoons, thick forests, exotic wildlife, tranquil stretches of emerald backwaters and a long shoreline of serene beaches make it a traveler’s paradise.

Kerala is known for a 100% literacy rate. Poets wrote poems about this state and many writers find it hard to express the magnificience of this place in words. The rich cultural heritage, it’s dance form and the essence of music are so impressive that any tourist will be spell bound by these magical features of Kerala.

The literal meaning of Kerala is “the land of coconuts”. “Kera” in Malayalam means coconut. As it is abundant with coconut trees, it naturally got the name Kerala.

How did this place get the popular tag line – “The God’s own country”?
It was created by Mr. Walter Mendez, who was also the Creative Director of a reputed Ad agency in India in 1989. Walter coined this tagline on the request of Kerala Tourism Department when the Kerala government wished to market Kerala’s high tourism potential for tourists all over the world.

The phrase invokes the stunning natural beauty for which Kerala is renowned, of course, but also alludes to the variety of faiths that thrive here: The coexistence of Hindus, Muslims, Christians and even some Jains is apparent in the busy juxtaposition of towers, minarets and spires that sit cheek by jowl in every city, town and village. If for no other reason, the state can lay claim to the title of “God’s Own Country” because there are so many gods who might be inclined to choose it as their own.

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