Trekking in Baleni Pass

Baleni about 3730 metres above sea level, in Kangra district Dharmashala amidst the deep mountain lies the beautiful and peaceful abode for trekkers/travellers. The valleys and the hills, the trees and flowers that pass on the cool breeze, the grazing of the goat and the shepherd beside them, sound of the insects in the night to the birds so sweetly singing chirping as if they are communicating with each other. The mountains covered with snow were definitely a view worth the climb.

Living all these beautiful and priceless experiences makes me feel so blessed to be able to live with the nature for as long as I can, I pat myself on my back for the climb I succeeded and the mountain top as my trophy.

As I walk pass the mountains I came those mountain warriors who climb all the way up to cook and feed us with exceptional hospitality and such humble and pure hearts. A way for their livelihood and guiding travellers with the best tips to survive on the mountains.
The trek was not as easy as I imagined it to be but neither as tough as I was scared of. Crossing the stony trails and the not so icy path up the mountain surely gave me so much more reasons to live and to have a thankful heart. Mountains adjacent were all covered with snow and few green leafy plants and the setting of the sun surely makes your heart so warm and gives you peace.

Reaching the top after hours of climbing the view was paradise, only if words were enough to put down what this eyes can see and how it feels.

Glaciers melting in the rocky tent where I was to lay my head and the bed had the dung of the pony and horses which was to keep me warm in the night (that was what I was told). As nights falls I hear the ripples of the melting snow, the sound of the cricket into the dark night and the cool wind blowing over my hair touching my face leaving me a cold nose.
It was such an adventurous trek with the tough climb, mesmerising nature, clear sky with the galaxy of stars. All the tiresome and weariness just sweeps away as I look up to the sky and the nature I stand with. Nothing compares to the gift that nature gives us and the memories we make during that span which we carry forever in our hearts, the experience I will take with me and the feeling of joy which will forever cherish and will linger in my heart.

Trekking/travelling for me is not only about climbing mountains and see how much I have walked but to me it is the love I find for myself, the values I learn from nature and create as many memories I can as I travel along this life’s journey.

Baleni pass trek has been one of the special and successful climb and every step was worth taking it. Remember to have some quite moment for yourself if you happen to be on top of any mountains, leave those gadgets behind and live every bit of it with what nature has to give and be thankful.

“As I walk along this short life, I have miles to go and before I lay rest and walk no more”!



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