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Ayushi Jain

I am an Engineer, foodie and travel enthusiast like most people in India right now . I belong to a small college town – Roorkee, but I am not from the ‘IIT’. Setting aside the cliched sarcasm, I am truly passionate about cooking and eating and experiencing different cultures. Travelling to every corner of the world and savoring every delicacy from every cuisine is what I dream of doing in life. What I want to become? Life will decide that for me in due time but for now I am satisfied being a happy person, basking under the California sun when my heart lies in India.

The Royal Tour India treasures a rich heritage of forts and palaces and the City Place is a jewel in the crown of Udaipur. One of the most beautiful edifices on the banks of Lake Pichola, City Place is a major tourist attraction throughout the year due to its historical

India is a country full of surprises and extreme contradictions. Every year all over the country, towering effigies of ‘Ravana’, symbolizing evil, are burnt on ‘Dussehra’ with fireworks marking the destruction of evil. While the whole country is immersed enthusiastically in celebrating the killing of Ravana– the demon king ,

India is called the ‘Land of Festivals’ and it’s no joke. Festivals are celebrated throughout the country, all year round in various different ways. There is no better way of witnessing the intermixing of culture and tradition than experiencing an Indian festival. One of the most important aspects of a