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Indian food is more related to streets. In America food trucks are much popular. With time it is getting popular in India as well. Delhi food trucks, Gurgaon food trucks, food trucks in Mumbai as well. Food truck business increasing in metro cities. Generally Indian food trucks are made so

The Bir-Billing area is a popular site for paraglider pilots, both Indians and visitors from all over the world. The flying season is from September to October, with some flying also done in November. The village continues to host periodic international competitions and events.

‘Chikan’ is a traditional embroidery style from Lucknow, India. Literally translated, the word means embroidery. Believed to have been introduced by Nur Jehan, the wife of Mughal emperor Jahangir, it is one of Lucknow’s best known textile decoration styles. The technique of creation of a chikan work is known as

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All of us love eerie ghost stories and they usually make up for exciting conversations while camping around a bonfire or in a dark hostel room with friends. The existence of ghosts is a debatable topic. Many scientists and researchers, all across the world, have studied the phenomenon and tried

Not all festivals are about celebration, some are a remembrance of martyrdom and grief. One such festival is ‘Muharram’. Technically, Muharram is the first month of the Islamic calendar and one of the four sacred months of the year. The day which is associated with ‘mourning’ is the tenth day