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Chibeni Murry

Chibeni Murry (Benny) A hotelier by profession from a small town living big dreams with a passion to travel and explore as much as life offers. Travelling and exploring places had always been a joy to me and it never tired me. Nature however played an important role in my life as it gave me the most important lesson “to be happy and content with what you have in life”.
I would also like to convey a small message to the readers to believe in yourself and do what makes you happy, life is too short to be living with “ifs” & “buts”!

Baleni about 3730 metres above sea level, in Kangra district Dharmashala amidst the deep mountain lies the beautiful and peaceful abode for trekkers/travellers. The valleys and the hills, the trees and flowers that pass on the cool breeze, the grazing of the goat and the shepherd beside them, sound of