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Mou Aysha

I started photography as a passion and dedicated myself to capture the best moments of life. I have special affection for portraits and thus produced a vast series of portraits. Genuine smiles, emotions and people’s stories attract me the most.
Besides, I am a student of First Light Institute of Photography and voluntary involved in social works of First Light. I have earned my Bachelor degree in English and Humanities from the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh; also I am doing my MA. I love to travel and seek to discover unseen. I believe with love, we can change the world for better.

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What is the quality that makes children so appealing and welcoming? Is it their physical beauty or their openness to loving and being loved? Their cheerfulness, playfulness or their innate humor? Beyond these things, children are beautiful because they possess something that we have all lost – the quality of

Morning light is a photographer’s delight! What is so special about it? Morning light is so gentle and beautiful. It just wraps around your subjects, bathing them in beauty. There is nothing quite as striking as morning light. Most of us are not motivated enough to wake up early in