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Nestled in the Sahyadri Mountains, the resort town of Lonavala is a quick detour off the high-speed Mumbai-Pune Expressway. Numerous waterfalls plummet and trickle through thickly forested hillsides and a cool green expanse of valley delights the eye. Lonavala can be easily called Mumbai’s most popular weekend getaway. A moving

India’s culture is a unique kaleidoscope, as baffling to many as it is fascinating. The characteristic diversity of skin tones and physical features found among Indians is a consequence of centuries of invasions, migration and mingling of people. These vivid images capture the color and diversity of India’s people in

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This ethereal lake called Loktak, spreading like a blue carpet across the valley of Manipur, is so magically beautiful that the photos taken by a Moto g3 gives DSLR quality. The rich flora and fauna of the lake harbours and sustains villages whose main occupation remains fishing since times immemorial.

Black and White Delhi. It was night 9 O’Clock. I was waiting for my friend to come back from work so that we can go ahead with the plan of visiting Agra. I had an idea that he is willingly getting late so that we can postpone the journey to the

When it comes to the important world heritage sites in India, the ruins of Hampi hold the top position in the prestigious list. Located in northern Karnataka close to the Andhra Pradesh border and near the city of ‘Hosapete’, Hampi was established as the capital of the Hindu Vijayanagara Empire

When Bill Clinton visited India in 2000 it was not his parleys with Atal Bihari Vajpayee but what he ate at Bukhara at Maurya Sheraton, which made headlines. Clinton ate one or two helpings of everything and he had Kulfi and Phirni for desert. When the Chef asked him if

“Assālam ‘alaykum Bhaijaan! Kaise hain aap? Aaj idhar kaise aana hua?” “Wālaikum assalām miya! Sab khairiyat hai. Eid aa rahi hai to socha bachho ke lie naye kapde khareed lun, usi ke liye Dilli ja rahe hain.” “Bahut acha socha aapne.” I was listening to this conversation while trying to

8:37 PM, 11th May 2017. I was at Bangalore airport with my backpack, 2 books and a one-way ticket to Delhi. My mind was blank. I had no plans or agenda for the trip. Only thing I knew was that it is beginning to an end and end of a

The city of Joy? Well, it surely is! A city that does justice to its name. What makes Kolkata different is the fact it still treasures its history. Everyone who fascinates about old architecture should visit this city, a great amalgam of history and modernization. The beautiful yellow taxis. The