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Baleni about 3730 metres above sea level, in Kangra district Dharmashala amidst the deep mountain lies the beautiful and peaceful abode for trekkers/travellers. The valleys and the hills, the trees and flowers that pass on the cool breeze, the grazing of the goat and the shepherd beside them, sound of

Indian slang “Namak Haram”, Dandi march by Gandhi and ‘Achar’ or pickle has one thing in common – Salt. Salt is as essential as water for the survival of human being. Our sweat, urine and blood are mainly composed of salt. In today’s world, salt is present in ample but

Boat building forms a very important part of the economy along the coast of Gujarat. Salaya, Veraval and Mandvi are towns of fishermen, boat makers and traders. In these regions boat building is an integral part of their daily lives. There is a unique relationship between traders, boat makers and

Jaipur Visiting India has always been my dream. I had long ago decided that if I could visit only one city in India my first choice would be Jaipur. Located in the state of Rajasthan (meaning the ‘land of great kings’), Jaipur (AKA the ‘Pink City’) was founded in 1727

Black and White Delhi. It was night 9 O’Clock. I was waiting for my friend to come back from work so that we can go ahead with the plan of visiting Agra. I had an idea that he is willingly getting late so that we can postpone the journey to the

When Bill Clinton visited India in 2000 it was not his parleys with Atal Bihari Vajpayee but what he ate at Bukhara at Maurya Sheraton, which made headlines. Clinton ate one or two helpings of everything and he had Kulfi and Phirni for desert. When the Chef asked him if

8:37 PM, 11th May 2017. I was at Bangalore airport with my backpack, 2 books and a one-way ticket to Delhi. My mind was blank. I had no plans or agenda for the trip. Only thing I knew was that it is beginning to an end and end of a

Man is a social animal and by instinct seeks companionship of others. Why can’t this companionship be with be someone but a human being? Why not dogs who are universally called man’s best friend. Why not? Dogs hand out pure love asking absolutely nothing in return. It listens to you

At a stage when teenagers juggle between several things, Jangid had a clear goal of excelling in an extreme sport-the MTB stunt riding. “I was giving my (eighth) board exams and when I came out, I saw a boy performing stunts on a bicycle and I was inspired by him

Loved Readers! Ideally, a memoir shouldn’t be just a list of things. But experiences.